What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition


Even though it has been way too long since my last post, I promise I have a few good pieces in the works, one of which means a great deal to me.  I want this post to be perfect because it’s a topic I have so many thoughts about, due to experiences of my own.  Here is what’s up with me for the month of June (MY BIRTHDAY MONTH).  Let’s be honest, how can you not love a Gemini?

What I’m eating 

A number of my friends have been selling Arbonne for quite some time now.  I’ll be the first to admit – I was hesitant to try the products, especially being a Celiac and having to take caution with every single thing I consume.  The company stands by their gluten-free products (which are perfect for someone like me), and I believe that most of their products are also vegan.

Arbonne logo

I absolutely love their protein shakes, both the chocolate and vanilla protein powder are the best I’ve ever tried.  I typically mix mine with some ice, stevia, and a cup of vanilla almond milk (either in a shaker or blender when I have some more time).  You could easily mistake this combination for a milkshake, and each shake keeps you full.  The protein shakes serve as the perfect meal replacement, especially on the go!


What I’m loving

For this summer season, I am totally loving brights!  From accessories to pumps, the brighter the better!  What better place to show some vibrance than with a fresh mani/pedi?  I recently purchased Essie Nail Lacquer in Secret Story after seeing the color on Pinterest.  Once I used it for the first time, it did not disappoint!

IMG_7255 copy


 Speaking of brights, this clutch from The Line Women’s Boutique can practically complement any outfit and illuminate any rainy day.



Yes, my tank does say “clothes before bros.” =]  The Friday clutch by Love Birds, LA, is definitely one of my favorite purchases so far this season!

What I’m excited about 

I am a firm believer that music has the power to heal.  It has helped me through the worst times of my life and also provided the appropriate soundtrack to prepare for my Friday nights out (if a girl says she doesn’t waste at least 20 minutes dancing and singing around while getting ready- she’s lying).  Taylor Swift has been one of those artists that has grown with me since I was a teenager.  She is just so relatable, and I have the uppermost respect for the person she is and the image she holds.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic for her concert this Saturday in Pittsburgh.  While the haters will hate, hate, hate, hate, it is difficult not to like her.  I’m still no where close to being sick of 1989!


What I’m reading 

The main reason for it being nearly a month since my last blog post is due to a new semester starting!  As much as I enjoy reading for pleasure, it seems I won’t have much time for this until I graduate in December.  Until then, the words on these pages will be consuming most of my free time.  Ah, we have such a love/hate relationship.




What I’m listening to 

Pandora is the perfect study partner.  My favorite station as of late has been the 90’s alternative station.  To me, this is arguably some of the best music of the 90’s.  Is alternative still even a relevant genre?  I’m not sure to be honest.  The human mind is a crazy thing as I can find myself recalling words to hits by No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Blink-182, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Goo Goo Dolls.  These songs nostalgically take me back to simpler times.

What I’m wearing 

This summer you will see rompers and floral prints EVERYWHERE.  The previous statement is excellent news for me since I’m a huge fan of both.  I think the only downfall to the perfect summer romper is the magic act you have to perform getting into and out of one.  All kidding aside, it’s totally worth it.  I first saw this romper on an Instagram post for The Line Women’s Boutique and had Sheli put it on hold immediately!  I knew it would go fast.  I’m obsessed with the flared sleeves and open back.  I’ve worn this twice so far and have received a number of compliments.



Floral Romper – Hommage from Los Angeles; The Line Women’s Boutique, Irwin, PA

Pink Statement Necklace – The Line Women’s Boutique, Irwin, PA

Nude Wedges – Aldo; Aldo Shoe Stores

Aviators – Michael Kors 

Promise there are some good things to come!  Here’s to an excellent start to the summer, it is a great time to appreciate the little things and live in the moment ❤




1 thought on “What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition”

  1. Love your nail polish color and clothes before bros shirt 🙂 I really need to get myself to this boutique soon! Can’t wait to see more upcoming posts 🙂


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