Whimsical Whites, Peonies, & Pops of Pink

Two of my favorite summer colors will forever be white and hot pink.  And who could think of a better example of a ‘pretty little thing’ than peonies?


Although I suppose I’ve always liked the aesthetic appeal of peonies, I never really gave them much thought until seeing their significance on Gossip Girl (yes another reference to my favorite show).  They basically symbolize the power couple that is Chuck and Blair (and who could forget this moment?).

I’ve had this artificial floral arrangement for a number of years which includes some peonies.  It is one of my all time favorite pieces of decor in my bedroom.


Just as I prefer my peonies in white and pink – I love pink and white clothing for summer.  For the record – I hold a so called ‘modern belief’ that white is acceptable before Memorial Day and after Labor Day within moderation.


All casual whites with pops of hot pink is one of my current favorite looks.

Graphic Tee – Francesca’s Collections

Shorts – Just Black; The Line Women’s Boutique, Irwin, PA

Wedges – Mossimo Supply Co.;Target

Tassel Necklace – The Line Women’s Boutique, Irwin, PA

Stud Earrings – Loren Hope 

Handbag – Kate Spade

Sunglasses – Loft; Ann Taylor Loft

But until next time lovebugs – stop and smell the peonies.



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