Six Things I Vow to do in 2016

First, let me apologize for my brief blogging hiatus.  As it turns out, completing the final semester of nursing school, working, attempting to maintain a social life, blogging, and keeping my sanity, don’t mix well together.


As I spent one of the last few weeks of the year in one of my favorite places, and supposedly the ‘happiest place on earth’, Walt Disney World, I was inspired not only for my writing but to make some changes going into the new year.  Notice how I used the term changes rather than resolutions, as my past experience has shown a negative stigma associated with the term resolution.  I look forward to incorporating these things gradually into my daily life, making them mantras, as everyone knows it can be difficult to change or adapt cold turkey.


I vow to care for myself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

While it seems like most people set goals in the new year to “lose weight” or “go to the gym” I hope to better my whole self in the next year.  I most certainly picked up horrid habits with the stress of school and my hectic schedule from my food choices to lack of regular exercise.  With being a medically diagnosed celiac and former all-star competitive cheerleader, I know what it takes to keep my body at its prime and how quickly this can go astray.

Just as important, if not more important, is the mind and soul part of “well-being.” I as well as those around me, have noticed in the past few months when I have been neglecting these particular parts of me.  When I become burnt out, it is very easy to pick up on based upon my overall demeanor.  I know I can maintain my physical health through diet and exercise, but I vow to maintain my spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being through my previous sought outlets like writing (thank god I’m back to blogging), prayer, and reflection.

I vow to put my phone down.

Although I would like to think I was aware of this before, the five days I spent in Florida made me realize how attached I am to my phone.  Like literally attached.  I almost became disgusted with myself as I scavenged for electrical outlets throughout the different parks to charge my phone throughout the day.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I do love social media, and I truly think having the world at your fingertips can be a wonderful thing.  But it becomes too much of a good thing when it takes away from personal interaction and truly living in the moment.  I noticed my best times during the trip were just pointlessly laughing with my mom and my sister.  With our busy schedules, we don’t always get to do this much, so I forgot how great these moments can be.  Next year, I vow to be present in moments and know that my snapchat friends will survive if they don’t get a glimpse of them as well.

I vow to make time for the people who matter.

I am a people-pleaser.  I hate to tell people no or disappoint them.  Sometimes I find it easier to tell those closest to me “no” rather than acquaintances or those I know on a superficial level.  It shouldn’t be this way at all.  When I look back at why I made such a drastic career change a few years ago, one of the biggest factors was to be more present in my relationships, particularly with my family.  While in school the past year and a half, I found myself turning down family gatherings and events too often because in my mind “I was too busy.”  When I look back at moments in my life, the best ones were those that seemed insignificant at the time.  From playing 500 Rummy with my great aunt and cousins, to baking with my grandma at Christmastime, these small events turned out to remain the largest in my mind.  Now that some of these people are gone, I would do almost anything to go back and make more of these moments when I had the chance.  So next year, I vow to spend an extra half an hour with my grandfather as opposed to meeting a friend from college for happy hour.


I vow to try new things.

Simply put, I am a creature of habit.  You better believe that if I have some down time to binge watch Netflix, my binge of choice will be Gossip Girl  complete with a glass of Riesling or White Zinfandel.  When I go to restaurants, 9 times out of 10 I’ll order the same thing I ordered the last time I was there.  While I’ll admit I find much comfort in routines and schedules, events recently in my life have proved that great things come when I leave my comfort zone.  I’ve found a love in writing through my blog posts even though at one point I was reluctant of sharing my thoughts with the world.  I’ve found what I would like to think is my calling after walking away from the career I thought I was expected to pursue.  My experiences thus far haven’t failed me, so in 2016 I’m ready to venture out of my type-A personality comfort bubble even more.

I vow to let go of relationships that no longer serve me.

I’ve always envied people that are out of sight, out of mind.  If you have been involved in my life in any way, chances are I won’t forget you.  From failed friendships and romantic relationships, good memories tend to linger the most for me.  In some ways, I wish I could be the person to tell someone who has completely done me wrong to get lost, forever.  I know however, that this isn’t in my nature.  I tend to give people way too many chances, as I’ve always tried to see the best in people, just like I hope people would do for me.


Although some people may view this in a positive manner, it can almost be self-destructive, and I know this first hand.  I know that certain people are meant to be just a chapter or even a brief sentence rather than a leading role in your story, and I vow to truly be at peace with this in the new year.


I vow to be realistic and patient.

Growing up, my mom always told me “patience is a virtue.”  My response would usually be accompanied with an eyeroll, but I wish I would have practiced this virtue more in the past.  With my personality, I am always looking ahead, planning my next move.  I find comfort in it.  Unfortunately, when things don’t pan out the way I hope or in a timely manner, I tend to get frustrated.  In the meantime, I can also negatively affect others with my persistence.  So with all of my goals and plans in 2016, I hope I can approach them with the “all good things come in time” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day” attitude.


Forget resolutions, I vow to do these six things next year.  Cheers to 2016 being the best, most magical year yet.



3 thoughts on “Six Things I Vow to do in 2016”

  1. Completely understand the blog hiatus, I had one too! 2016 is going to be our year! I loved this post 🙂 I definitely need to put my phone down AND make time for myself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I’m adding those to my list of resolutions!

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