Whimsical Whites, Peonies, & Pops of Pink

Two of my favorite summer colors will forever be white and hot pink.  And who could think of a better example of a 'pretty little thing' than peonies? Although I suppose I've always liked the aesthetic appeal of peonies, I never really gave them much thought until seeing their significance on Gossip Girl (yes another reference to my… Continue reading Whimsical Whites, Peonies, & Pops of Pink

Friday Favorites

Friday has to be a favorite F word of most individuals.  So in honor of my favorite day of the week, here are some things I'm currently loving. 1.  Urban Decay Perversion Mascara I've tried probably every brand of mascara under the sun.  With each, I can come up with at least one complaint.  They either clump, end… Continue reading Friday Favorites

Saturday Shakes

My Saturday was eventful to say the least, and I can barely walk today to prove it.  Shaking was the theme to my entire day (unplanned, I promise).  I had a fabulous time and wanted to share this jaunt with my blog readers! The morning started with some Buti Yoga.  I had no idea what this entailed… Continue reading Saturday Shakes

What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition

Even though it has been way too long since my last post, I promise I have a few good pieces in the works, one of which means a great deal to me.  I want this post to be perfect because it's a topic I have so many thoughts about, due to experiences of my own.  Here is… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition